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ilikethequiet wrote in jcoleman_daily


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Today is Jack Coleman's 53rd birthday!! YAYAYAYAYAY! So, we are having a party! Feel free to post anything and everything Jack related here! Clips, gifs, pictures, manips, candids, screencaps, WHATEVER!


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Whee! I'm excited for the birthday and even more excited for the party!! Happy Birthday Jack!!

why yes i am awesome

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Hey! I made an effort, and I am here!!! and you already post it, lol!! It's bigger, you know, can you change the size so you can see it completely?? I'll be here later :)

And the important thing,

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Here's dancing!Jack!


It isn't a party without dancing!Jack!!


May we all muss your hair and pat your back (and see you in sports clothes) for your birthday!

Yes! Especially in 80's shorts please!!! :D


Oh, they are singing! in french!!!

¡¡Happy Birthday!!

Hello Mr. Coleman! I wish you a very happy birthday!! God bless you!!

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Oh, thanks for cooking for us on this special day! XD

I like that cute pic! never seen it before!!

Party?!! Awesome! Happy birthday, Jack!

This collage is making me go ungh! Angry!Steven with short hair...UNGH.

Mmm. Birthday Jack is awesome. (yes, I cross-posted.)

I wholeheartedly approve of silly-creepy but shy Jack :D

Time to join the party!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

LOL I didn't turn off my notifications for this thread and when I woke up there were like 30 emails in my box, I blame Dref :P

Then one more alert! :P

Happy Birthday Jack!!!
You are awesome!!!


I don't know who made this, whoever they are, I worship them...

Yes Mr. Coleman it's your birthday. Who cares how old you are it's how good you look and baby you look GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. You are a very fine vintage wine my friend. Just saying. <3333333333 Happy Birthday!

Love Samantha my mun.

A Happy Birthday To an Awesome Guy!

I first discovered Jack in Nightmare Cafe. I knew he was just a guy, though. I didn't see him again until Heroes and I found out that he's like a very fine wine: he only gets better with age. So, Mr. Coleman, I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

I love this video. It amuses me to no end:

And some favorite photos:

Just discovered this one. I'm not sure what there is about it. I think that's LA? There's like all this promise here and he's so young and early in his career.

Heh. Looks like there's a joke going on between him and Grunny and neither Adrian nor Milo (especially) are very amused.

Either on TV or in real life, family is crucial to him. You gotta love that!

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Oh yes... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Jack is really awesome, hope, he had a fine day and party! XOXO

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